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The Ancient by Randomznez The Ancient by Randomznez
The man walked through the crag in the mountain and came into an open area where the roof of a great cavern had caved in, shafts of light illuminating the centre and mist being flung up by tall waterfalls. Ferns and other greenery grew, turning the chasm into a fantadtic world of light and life. The man noticed none of this, he had come here with a task. Sitting on a large shelf of rock was a monster. It was over a hundred feet high and covered in gold and blue scales that glittered in the sunlight like fire writhing over the creature's body. It's strong neck held aloft a massive head; crowned with horns, a broad nose between its pupil-less eyes. Great black talons, each the size of him, curved from its immense paws and leathery wings folded on its back. This was the dragon he had come to slay.

"Dragon!", he roared. "I have come to challenge you!". At the sound of his voice echoing through the chasm the beast turned its head to him, fixing its blue gaze on the tiny creature before it. The man was shocked when a great voice spoke in his mind. And why would one so young and so small seek to challenge an ancient?. The man gaped, this thing was supposed to be little more than a dum beast, by what witchery did it speak? It must have been a trick, mimicking human speech like a parrot bird of the isles. Not wanting to appear fazed the man quickly made his reply. "I seek to slay you to put an end to your tyrannical hold over our lands, stealing our food, killing innocents and setting a blaze to our forests!". This the dragon found amusing. Small one, your claims are little more than the air you breath; if by stealing food you mean the sheep and cattle of the fields then you must remember; a sheep does not see himself as owned and nor do I see him as a belonging. As for the killing of ‘innocents’, I do not see those who attack me as innocents and I do not light the forests on fire; I think you’ll find lightning to be a more likely culprit. You are naive, and in your naivety feel yourself justified.
The man was angered by this last comment. “Dragon you are little more than a beast, you have no concept of the superior world of men.”
I am a beast, as are you. The race of men are no more superior than any other. If an ant thinks himself superior for building tunnels and herding aphids does that make him superior in the eyes of others? No. You challenge me as if you were a righteous hero but you are a fool. I am an ancient, I have lived over a thousand times what you ever would. Challenge me now and i promise you, you will never sire descendants. Leave now and you will have a chance to exist. The man was unnerved, but he could not go back and say he had failed. He roared, lifting his blade and charged at the dragon. The dragon did nothing but watch as the man's blade clashed against his iron hard scales. The stunned expression of the man was the last thing that past his face before he was engulfed in a torrent of blue flame.


well, this started with the dum idea of thinking 'hmm maybe i should try to do one of those chunky scaly dragons just to see what its like *herpderp*'. ITS A PAIN. This. Killed. Me. o.o. Do not expect to see more dragons in this style, i like my normal style better anyway. Started this about a month or two ago, kept procrastinating finishing it but then i finally decided to just do it. I rushed a bit at the end, so the background could be way better and i fail at human silhouettes apparently, the man looks like a cartoon. And those wings, dont even get me started on those. Still, im glad i did this for the experience. Anywho, story just came with the idea, its not great but i wanted to post it anyway to make more sense of the picture, enjoy :3

design now belongs to :iconneara-works:
Time: Approx 4 - 4 and a half hours
wacom intuos 3's oakaki applet chibipaint
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Neytirix Featured By Owner Nov 6, 2012  Student General Artist

Dem claws.

Dat face.

Dem wings.


Neara-works Featured By Owner Nov 4, 2012  Professional Digital Artist
XD that little dude! he's epic, and that background 0,o i want to go there! i agree with the dragon, men are naive xp

I love the colors in this too and the way the dragon is looking at the camera as if saying "look at this fool" XD
Waffletastic1 Featured By Owner Nov 4, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
I love the little man with the sword, lol he's like,
*Dragon squishes him with toenail*
Windridres Featured By Owner Nov 4, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
The anchient speaks such true words^^
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November 4, 2012
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